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Gardening is said to be the number 1 hobby in America, and probably around the world.

And gardening covers a wealth of different endeavors, from flowers to vegetables, land to water, herb to succulent, and everything in between.

The links at the top of this page will take you to areas with more information about a particular type of gardening

Just so you don't think we've gone completely "around the bend", we know roses are flowers. We have a separate page for roses because this flower, more than any other, seems to create the most interest for gardeners.


Don't let the numbers "5-10-5" confuse you. The first number (Nitrogen) makes leaves green; the second number (Phosphorus) makes more flowers; the third number (Potassium) makes roots grow. So, think " Leaves-Flowers-Roots " and you've deciphered the numbers.

Soil Testing 

Don't know if you have the right soil for what you want to plant?

A soil test is a quick and inexpensive way to find out. Call your County Extension Agent, take in a sample, and wait for the results. You'll know what your soil needs.

Down the Garden Path

Water Harvesting

One thing about gardening: you're going to need water.

Water is ceasing to be a commodity and is now more of a resource, especially here in Texas.

As shown in the photos, collection can be as simple as a 35 gallon garbage can under a downspout to a 250 gallon tote.

A half an inch of rain gives us 900 gallons of rainwater to use on our plants.

Saphrona Rose

Rainwater Collection

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